A brief introduction to Paddleboard equipment and use - for beginners who would prefer to get out on the water and learn on their own. Land Introduction is available with a Rental Purchase for $10.


PaddleBoard Lessons

A World Class introduction to Paddleboarding. Includes Safety, self rescue, sizing, getting on the board and standing up, reverse turn, sweep turn, cross bow turn and the pivot turn, including proper paddle techniques to improve efficiency and avoid injury.

There are less than 10 Certified PaddleFit Coaches in the Lake Norman & Charlotte area.

Our PaddleFit Basic Coach is available by appointment.


PRIVATE Lesson for One


PRIVATE lesson FOR Two


Group lesson


Drill Sessions

Fun fast-paced group sessions to practice the skills students have learned in PaddleFit Basic.  Work on paddle technique and efficiency including speed and the four types of turns.  Great for those looking to feel the burn while perfecting their SUP skills.

A PaddleFit Basic Lesson is a prerequisite for Drill Sessions.

*Reservations required and are non-transferable.  65-250LB weight requirement. Must be in reasonably good shape.  Must sign liability waiver.  Parental consent must be signed in advance for paddlers under the age of 18.  Paddlers under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.